Upcoming Event 5月8日ーJCLIL西

  Student Agency within Finnish CLLIL: Teachers as innovators before and during Covid 19(学習者主体のフィンランドのCLIL-Covid 19におけるイノベーターとしての教師たち)というトピックで、学習会を開催します。





ユバスキュラ大学でスクールリーダーシップを研究しておられる矢田匠先生と 教育心理学とインクルーシブ教育を研究しておられる矢田匠先生に、フィンランドでの研究生活と7年以上の子育て視点から、フィンランドの教育のバックグラウンドについて日本語も交えながらお話いただきます。

Japan CLIL Pedagogy Association, The 5th J-CLIL WEST Chapter Seminar

日本CLIL教育学会 第5J-CLIL西 セミナー

Date(日程): May 8th 2021 (Sat.)

Time(時間): 16:30-18:30 ZOOM

Title(タイトル): Student Agency within Finnish CLLIL: Teachers as innovators before and during Covid 19(学習者主体のフィンランドのCLIL-Covid 19におけるイノベーターとしての教師たち)


Opening remarks(はじめの言葉): Kazuko Kashiwagi(Osaka Kyoiku University)


Workshop ワークショップ Student Agency within Finnish CLLIL (16:30-17:40)  English

University of Jyväskylä, Finland (フィランド、ユバスキュラ大学)

Josephine Moate, PhD and Adjunct Professor of Language in Education
Tea Kangasvieri, FM, IKI project coordinator
The aim of this workshop is to share insights from a project on teachers as language education innovators in Finland. Since 2018, the IKI project has been mapping and sharing language-based innovations that teachers have developed across Finland. These innovations come from a wide range of educational settings, with younger and older students, and include a range of language education approaches such as language-showers, language-enriched and CLIL education. With the unexpected arrival of Covid 19, educators have had to find new ways of innovating and supporting student development. We will briefly provide some background information on language education in Finland and the important role languages play in the Finnish curriculum.


ZOOM Small-group discussionsZOOM 小グループ交流) (17:45-18:00) 

We will discuss Student Agency within CLIL. The seminar will be held on ZOOM. In this seminar, we will use English.


Talkトーク) Background of Finland’s Education (18:05-18:25)   EnglishJapanese

University of Jyväskylä, Finland (フィランド、ユバスキュラ大学)

Takumi YADA, PhD & Akie YADA, PhD


Closing remarks(終わりの言葉): Taizo KUDO (Nagoya Gakuin University)




Josephine Moate, PhD

Works as a senior lecturer in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Jyväskylä. Her research interests include the role of language in education and teacher development. She has the privilege of heading the IKI project, working with a wonderful team of project researchers, and contributing to the development of language in education in Finland.


Tea Kangasvieri, MA

Works as a project coordinator of the IKI project. Her tasks include communication with different stakeholders, research and developmental work and also in-service teacher training. She is also a German and Russian teacher from her background and has worked with different aged learners before the project.


Takumi YADA, PhD

Works as a project researcher of Educational Leadership in the Faculty of Education and Psychology in the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. His research interests are focused on prosociality, teacher efficacy, and inter-professional collaboration in educational organisational contexts.


Akie YADA, PhD

Works as a project researcher in the School of Educational Sciences and Psychology at the University of Eastern Finland, Finland. She has worked as a clinical psychologist in Japan. Her research focuses on inclusive education, educational psychology, and teacher education.


Moderator:  Kashiwagi Kazuko, PhD Osaka Kyoiku Univ. 柏木賀津子大阪教育大学

Capacity: up to 80 (定員80人)

Participation Fee: Free (無料)

Registration (J-CLIL): https://www.j-clil.com/J-CLIL登録)

Registration (5th Seminar): (申込 418日~52日)

(Apr. 18th - May.2nd)


Kudo Taizo (Nagoya Gakuin Univ.) 工藤泰三(名古屋学院大学)


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IKI(いき)プロジェクト: 教育者も学ぶ生徒も共に、未来に向けて協同的に学ぶための新しい教育のアプローチを開発している(主に小学校から中学校の生徒を対象)